Mexico at the IMO

Yep this is the first new, mexico will participate at the IMO 2010… it´s been a long time since we don´t have a role in the international competition so Diego (the student who will go to the IMO) is our hope.

I don´t know him like a friend, but I have seen him since he was like 10 as I remember, and he is a genius I remember how he solved the problems we did for training, I didn´t see him like for 2 years until I got my “price” for one of the exams I took and this year I studied with him at Dr. Hector´s classes… he´s still really good for math and now, in representation of mexico he´ll go to the IMO.

For the ones who are not familliar with the IMO is an international competitionthat take place every year, this is the web page


There you can find the problems, the people involved in the IMO and stuff like that.

Well this was the first new, I will give you info. as long as I got it form Dr Hector.

In other topics this week was kind of funny XD, my math exam was at 9:00 a.m. and I arrived at 9:46 something like that in the room 109 then I said “Profe el examen decia que era en el salon n-1” (Mr. the exam was supossed to be in the room n-1), then the teacher said: “Si, pero tambien decia que era A LAS 9:00” (Yes, but was supossed to be AT 9:00), and now I have to study for algebra, tha hard part here is that they are like 5 different topics… or more I don’t really remember XD. Well I stop here, this is a rainy night so post something, ideas for the next news or whatever you wanna know.


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