Music Pokemon Pearl

Hello, here I have a new video made by me because I was borign XD, well for the poke-fans hope you like it and if you are not a poke-fan hope you also like it jajajajajaja.

If you have ideas about what songs we can play in pokemon whit the medals post it for me and the others XD, most of the songs from TLOZ Orcanina of Time can be played here.

Ok I think this is it, I´ll go out this weekend, but let me see if I can take pictures from the “Tamux” the museum or form “Tamatán” the zoo in Cd. Victoria they are two really cool places and I don´t have pictures to upload something about that, so the next week I´ll come back with something just keep visiting my site. 

In other news a friend was supposed to invite me and some friends to play video games and he had to suspend it due to a conference about neurology or something like that, I coudn´t go because the entrance was for $500.00, more than enough to go to see “Prince of Persia” at the movies, go to a restaurant, bring an anime DVD to your home and watch it with a lot of popatoe chips and candies XD and I really wanted to go to play video games T__T but the next weekend I´m free and I know he will be free so I´m waiting for that.

OK see you later



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