Avenue Q

Hello again!!!!!

I was loking at my grades (really bad grades) and then I remembered the song “Schadenfreude” from Avenue Q jajajajajajaja it´s really good and it will makes you laugh. This song is about the meaning of “Shadenfreude” that comes from the german and I know you might like it XD

Another song that will make you feel good is “It sucks to be me”…. ummmmm the title says something opposite to what I said but after listening at it you´ll understand. This song is about the guys that live at avenue Q and thei poor and great lifes.

If you liked these 2 videos  look for the other from the musical they are really great and funny XD

And well if you think your life sucks, you always can see the happy side or just look at me…. I got (from 0-100):

Math 70

Algebra 58

Physiscs 70

Programing 70

Cominicative Competences 90

So I got really poor grades… I failed algebra but you know what… I have more works than my friends in my semester (One about mersenne primes and another one about parabolas) and they can´t change it XD jajajajajajaja it´s funny all this because it´s not a big deal but ohhh man.

Ok I had a chance working at the “Planetario alfa” but I hace some troubles in the school because I need the authorization from the school but the won´t give it to me until 5° semester so let me think about this situation… tomorrow 24 june I have to have an answer and in any case this saturday I will go fishing with a friend so I might bring you a post about it XD.

See you later


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