Ahhhhh yeah XD I know I miss 2 post but this weekend I was really busy, on Fiday I went to work at the “Planetario Alfa” it was awesome and one of my friends were there Zusana she is a friend from the high school. Also on Saturday I went to work, it was supposed to be fishing but I couldn´t and that day my dad told me that we are going to go to a maraton next day during the mornig, then in the mornig oh god it was horrible I was sleepy by the time we were supposed to start.

I finished it in 36 minutes, it was 5 km… for the americans it´s about 2.5 miles I don´t want to do the conversion.

Ohhh well, tomorrow I will go to my new job, and anyway I think I won´t work there due to a problem in the university because I need their authorization but nah… it´s not a big deal I have to do another things like my research about mersenne primes or finishing K-ON jajajajajaja

ok this week I have what my friends and me call “La conve”, yeah you know… anime, manga, videogames we should call it heaven XD so during the weekend I will post something with some pictures and stories ^^ so keep looking at the website.


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