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Hello everybody XD here I´m after being sick, and yesterday I went to the movies to see Toy Story 3 for the 3° time XD

Well this time I have you something funny, this fail I found in my house and maybe you´d like it XD jajajajajajaja

Well the next week is the anime event and my friend Alexin ivited me to his gastronomic domostration. And this is a really short post because I don´t have much time XD so thanks for the visit and hope see you again.


IMO Resulsts

Come back again and I have the IMO resulsts, the first 3 places are:

1° China  (Everybody spected that)

2° Russia

3° USA

Mexico was in the 33° place this time, and the problems here.

This is just the informaton of the first 3 places, but obvioulsy if you want to know the place of your country you can visit the official web page and look for it. Right now I have to go and let me see what´s with Alex, because he said he´ll post something, and I saw him interested in something like touhou or the anime Highschool of the dead, but I don´t know anything yet.

thanks for the visit


Videogame party

Hi, this time I have some videogames that may like you, this was because I had a party in my house where we played videogames, monopoli and wanched anime, the same as in other cases, but I don´t have a post about it XD

The first game we played was Left 4 Dead with Mayra and she didn´t played this before, but it was a first person shooter so it was no problem at all, the bad part was when I heard the witch crying and I said really slowly “There is a zombie that won´t attack you unless you attack her, so don´t do anything” like 3 seconds after I said that she shoot the witch XD and you know what happens next.

This is a really awesome game because it makes me shout when I get taken aback by the zombies and as it´s a first person shooter for this game most of the gamers will enjoy it.

The second game we played was “Blur”, this is a race game, you may know a lot of this kind of games, but this one has a difference and that are the items you can use during the race, and also de handicap that makes the first place slower than the others, this makes a real battlel during the hole race and this makes this game really funny, obvioulsy you can turn of all this stuff and said “oh I want to win because I´m better than the others”.

The multiplayer here is great and I couldn´t see the online mode because we switch the game and we played monopoli the game where you have to buy properties and make a lot of money XD, so we finished it arround 1:00 AM and by that time Mayra had to leave so we go with her by car, because it was so rainy and a little cold out there.

Once we reach to home again Ferares wanted to play Gears of War 2, so we started the campaign but we get borring really fast, so we played Super Smash Bros Brawl and Mario Kart Wii, in smash lost all the battles but in mario kart I was the best and we played these two until we wanted to sleep, and then in the mornig (it was midday XD) we watch the first episode of Seitokai Yakuindomo it´s really funny this anime, and I cannot tell you a lot about this anime but for sure I will post something in the future when I finish it, the next episode is this monday in Japan so if you want to follow it, it´s a good time to start XD

Well, after all this we played again Blur and Mario Kart XD and we didn´t play Halo 3, Dead or Alive, Modern Warfare, and I don´t remember what other games XD but anyway I´ll finish here because I´m hugry and the new are that the anime event (the one I told you like 3 post before) it´s going to be at the end of this month aslo I have another anime in recomendation, the rate I cannot give it to you now XD, the first episode of “Higschool of the dead” is really good I liked a lot and I do NOT like zombies, so watch it if you have time, the next episode will be airing on 12 of this month, maybe you read a post about it from Alexin in this blog.

ok hope see you again and thanks for the visit, any recomendation you have please fell free to post it XD



Hey there, this time I have for you a recomendation. The anime Needless is the last I watched this vacations and is one of the best I´ve ever seen, it has a lot of ecchi, but the story is also really good.

In this anime the story is about a war, and the anime starts with “Yamada” (this is his nickname XD) runnig from the battle where all his team died, and then was rescued by a father called “Blade” who is a Needless whose hability is the copy of other habilities.

In my opinion this anime has a score of 8 from 0 – 10 which makes this a really good anime, at the end I wanted more from the story and I feel it really short, anyway this serie is complete in story,  and there is a lot of fan service so you would like it XD.

I also remember to bring you the videogames party in my house, but it will be in the next post maybe today, the game Blur is awesome and I don´t like race games, you have to try this one, in the next post videogames XD.



Ahem… hello again XD nope, I´m not dead, but the “Alex Hurricane” visited us in the city so now I don´t have the water service but everyone is ok here XD.

I know this is my personal opinion, but I love rain and the last week we had the best rain ever XD believe me it was a river infront of my house and one of the main avenues was destroyed and now I cannot visit my friends, well I can, and also today I will have a videogames night but it´s going to take a lot of time to reach my house.

We´re going to play Blur, Halo, Mario Kart Wii, SSBB, and other games, so I will give you a story about it, and you have to know that I will win in mario kart XD jajajajajaja I´m really good in this game I got the 2 place in my university.

ok see you later and remember, a hurricane is really dangerous, but once you survive 1 night in my room you can survive in every place XD

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