Ahem… hello again XD nope, I´m not dead, but the “Alex Hurricane” visited us in the city so now I don´t have the water service but everyone is ok here XD.

I know this is my personal opinion, but I love rain and the last week we had the best rain ever XD believe me it was a river infront of my house and one of the main avenues was destroyed and now I cannot visit my friends, well I can, and also today I will have a videogames night but it´s going to take a lot of time to reach my house.

We´re going to play Blur, Halo, Mario Kart Wii, SSBB, and other games, so I will give you a story about it, and you have to know that I will win in mario kart XD jajajajajaja I´m really good in this game I got the 2 place in my university.

ok see you later and remember, a hurricane is really dangerous, but once you survive 1 night in my room you can survive in every place XD


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