Hey there, this time I have for you a recomendation. The anime Needless is the last I watched this vacations and is one of the best I´ve ever seen, it has a lot of ecchi, but the story is also really good.

In this anime the story is about a war, and the anime starts with “Yamada” (this is his nickname XD) runnig from the battle where all his team died, and then was rescued by a father called “Blade” who is a Needless whose hability is the copy of other habilities.

In my opinion this anime has a score of 8 from 0 – 10 which makes this a really good anime, at the end I wanted more from the story and I feel it really short, anyway this serie is complete in story,  and there is a lot of fan service so you would like it XD.

I also remember to bring you the videogames party in my house, but it will be in the next post maybe today, the game Blur is awesome and I don´t like race games, you have to try this one, in the next post videogames XD.


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