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Pokepark Pichachu’s adveture

Hello again!!!!!!!!! XD I’m happy today, cuz I got good grades at the university and also it’s been a good time but today I’ll talk to you about a game that has been nostalgic to me and it’s about Pokepark. I played about a month ago and well… it’s a real pokemon game because you can fell the harmony and the story that is about helping out some pokemons and making new friends… this reminds me the pikachu’s special episodes after the movies and the music is good, I liked specially the music in this game because is relaxing and… sweet I’m sorry but I cannot describe it.

Durin’ the game there are different ways of making new friends, sometimes you will just need to talk with them and that’s all, but in other cases you’ll have to catch them or even fighting them and this way is kind of funny XD, pikachu can dash and tackle the enemy, electrify them or he can use iron tail, and depends on you if you receive damage because you can guess if it’s an RPG, and… well I didn’t see it that way but you can skill your abilities with some pokemons.

(also you have to consider the type of pokemon, this is still one of the strongest points to check to have a good strategy)

In the story the money is important as in most of the games, and here you can earn money in the scenarios or in the mini-games (attractions). As the name of the game said “Pokepark” in the game you’ll have to play the mini-games sometimes just for fun or in other ocations the legendary pokemons will ask you to beat the records and then they will be your friends.

Well this is a good game for a relaxing day, the bad part is that this is a single player game and it was a good game for a multiplayer mode due to the minigames and battles but it’s ok anyway so if you have the chance you have to play it, it’s funny and it reminds you old times.

OK, right now I have some stuff to do and I’m busy right now, but maybe the next time I’ll make 2 post (one about angel beats) and also good news, maybe I’ll attend the comi-on at San Diego this year. I’d like to know if some people will attend it, so we can communicate and maybe go together, but ok.. let me know any new if you have one XD see ya next time


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