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My Little Pony

Hello everypoy!!!! well as most of you know MLP FiM is one of the best shows airing now and I have to thank Alan, one of my friends that got me into the show a long ago (about 2 months ago because I remember that the first season was about to finish) and well here I’m a new and proud brony that wakes up really happy every saturday.

What is the show about?

The show starts with Twilight Sparkle who is a unicorn that makes new friends and she and her friends make friendship reports to Princess Celestia in every episode (reminds me Hamtaro) but believe me this show is awesome, the music I love the music and the songs in the show and it’s really funny.

(My favorite pony so far is Twilight but I love the mane 6)

What do I have to say after what I have seen?

Laure Faust YOU are super cool!!!!!!!!, I really have to thank you what you have done XD.

This is just a post I have to make because this show has changed my life and I love it, well see you soon and also enjoy the holydays.