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Fan Fic

Hello everybody and happy new year!!!!!

This time I bring you what I have been doing for the past 4 days and it’s my new fic. First I’ll answer what’s a fic and it is the fiction story a fan writte or draw for other fans and yes it’s made by fans for fans so it should be goo, I’ve read doujins an stuff like that, but in the brony comunity the fics are a valuable part of the fandom as it’s the art like drawings and music.

So as long as I have read fics for… I think it was 4 or 5 weeks ago and some of them are so awesome I got inspired to writte my own fic: “A decision of one” witch is about the love of Fluttershy-Pinkie Pie-Rainbow Das where the last two mares fell in love with Fluttershy and Fluttershy doesn’t know what to do. For the moment there are 3 chapters but I hope I can finish it after class season.

Right now the Fics I most like are:

Teardrops and Snowflakes by Vyreinos

Lately by Vozzlefox

Muffins and Rainbows by UK-Brony 95

Candy and Confusion by TheRealBonBon

So take a look if you are in the mood, also there are a lot of fics about a lot of topics a of course I cannot place them all here, but these are my favorites for the moment (not yet finished).

Well let’s hope you like it and have a nice day =D.


My Little Pony

Hello everypoy!!!! well as most of you know MLP FiM is one of the best shows airing now and I have to thank Alan, one of my friends that got me into the show a long ago (about 2 months ago because I remember that the first season was about to finish) and well here I’m a new and proud brony that wakes up really happy every saturday.

What is the show about?

The show starts with Twilight Sparkle who is a unicorn that makes new friends and she and her friends make friendship reports to Princess Celestia in every episode (reminds me Hamtaro) but believe me this show is awesome, the music I love the music and the songs in the show and it’s really funny.

(My favorite pony so far is Twilight but I love the mane 6)

What do I have to say after what I have seen?

Laure Faust YOU are super cool!!!!!!!!, I really have to thank you what you have done XD.

This is just a post I have to make because this show has changed my life and I love it, well see you soon and also enjoy the holydays.


Pokepark Pichachu’s adveture

Hello again!!!!!!!!! XD I’m happy today, cuz I got good grades at the university and also it’s been a good time but today I’ll talk to you about a game that has been nostalgic to me and it’s about Pokepark. I played about a month ago and well… it’s a real pokemon game because you can fell the harmony and the story that is about helping out some pokemons and making new friends… this reminds me the pikachu’s special episodes after the movies and the music is good, I liked specially the music in this game because is relaxing and… sweet I’m sorry but I cannot describe it.

Durin’ the game there are different ways of making new friends, sometimes you will just need to talk with them and that’s all, but in other cases you’ll have to catch them or even fighting them and this way is kind of funny XD, pikachu can dash and tackle the enemy, electrify them or he can use iron tail, and depends on you if you receive damage because you can guess if it’s an RPG, and… well I didn’t see it that way but you can skill your abilities with some pokemons.

(also you have to consider the type of pokemon, this is still one of the strongest points to check to have a good strategy)

In the story the money is important as in most of the games, and here you can earn money in the scenarios or in the mini-games (attractions). As the name of the game said “Pokepark” in the game you’ll have to play the mini-games sometimes just for fun or in other ocations the legendary pokemons will ask you to beat the records and then they will be your friends.

Well this is a good game for a relaxing day, the bad part is that this is a single player game and it was a good game for a multiplayer mode due to the minigames and battles but it’s ok anyway so if you have the chance you have to play it, it’s funny and it reminds you old times.

OK, right now I have some stuff to do and I’m busy right now, but maybe the next time I’ll make 2 post (one about angel beats) and also good news, maybe I’ll attend the comi-on at San Diego this year. I’d like to know if some people will attend it, so we can communicate and maybe go together, but ok.. let me know any new if you have one XD see ya next time


My Girlfriend is the President

ok guys this time I have for you something that might like you, the first eroge made in Japan in the English language, I mean I know that studying Japanese sounds perfect for an otaku-gamer and also speak in another language is cool, but this game gives us the opportunity to understand the complete game without a patch or a guide.


The characters are what I call the “balance” because there is a moe (Yukino Ohama) or at least I spect the moe type in her personality.

The tsundere (Irina Vladimirovna Putina) in this case I got this information due to the voice and way she speaks in the Japanese version.

Umm… I don’t know if there exist a term for the next character who is EII… or at least that’s what I know XD, but she is the one that I thing will behave like the “girl” who wants to become a real girl.

And the last one Ran Miyoshi that according to me is going to take the role of the “maid” in the game.


Ummm…. well I know that I’m not well informed but is because I have some friends that wont allow me to get into this game deeper XD actually one of my friends get mad when she knows that I’m watching ecchi stuff so this is what I got by observation and the web page here. Any question you have, fell free to ask, I have some friends that knows EVERYTHING about eroges and they are good references for me jajajajajaja.


ok see you next week maybe with a post about this February 14° ^^



Well obviously we all have a facebook page (or at least most of the persons I know)… but have you think about how is the society growing up? or…. ingrowing? XD


This is a really hard topic, because I’ve know about persons that have closed their facebook web page due to a stalker and this kind of persons are sometimes dangerous and they are ALWAYS annoying and we can cut every kind of contact with him or her but unfortunately we can’t control our friends web pages so there is always a remainder from that annoying person… by the other hand if we are discrete we can stalk everyone and there is no problem XD sound kind of sick, but it’s really common and not all the times in a wrong way. So in this part we can accept that there is a problem…. but we won’t get rid of it, all we all can do is to avoid the stalkers (something impossible) and difficult when we add everyone that request a friendship in facebook, I mean if I browse in my friends friend’s I see over a 1000 friends most of the times that is really stupid.


Ughhh…. as a student I know that the internet is a good weapon while doing a homework, but most of the times the bound internet-homework just don’t work, I think that we all have had distractions during doing a special research or something but is part of life. And talking about facebook we can upload a homework, pictures about a project, video conferences and stuff like that in a single web page so this is also a powerful weapon for the students… but we have to train because we use it for stuff like games that are a strong and funny distractions.

Hikkikomori… also in facebook?

This kind of persons are strong enough against the power of a social red like facebook, actually one of my friends (the only hikkikomori I’ve met) doesn’t have a facebook web page and he won’t have one just because this is a kind of social interaction and I won’t like to generalize the hikkikomori group, but I haven’t met another one to study them correctly XD.

And well there is a lot of stuff involving facebook that is NOT necessary to be a drug for everybody, it has good points and bad points, but that’s how internet behaves XD and now I have to go because I got a virus in my flash drive because of the f*******ing university and I have important documents there and I have to save them so give me your opinion about facebook or another social red.


Ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai

Well after…. a century XD I watch a lot of anime, played a lot of new videogames, solved a lot of problems jajajajaja but ok, in anime this one really got me, right now is in the top 5 best animes I’ve ever seen.

The story of the anime is really funny XD first you see Kousaka, who is the main character, a normal boy with a pour relationship with his sister Kirino, but all this changes because Kousaka found an eroge and was wondering from who in his family belongs the game, so he stars an experiment and during the dinner introduce the topic of anime and eroges and you can notice the nervousness in Kirino so the next he does is to say that he will go out for a while knowing that she will go look for the game and the strategy worked.

Maybe most of you will identify yourself while watching this anime, because we have to accept it… hide something like an eroge from your family is an art and another problem she has is that she has to hide everything not only from her family but from her friends because at the beginning you will notice how they reproaches the otaku stereotype and all that is hard to deal with, another thing is that she plays that kind of videogames being 15 years old, that obviously for the society is something wrong, but under her view you might have another opinion.

ok the anime (as the topic is eroges) you will find some ecchi scenes betwen Kousaka and Kirino… and another characters, but there are like 3 or 4 scenes like that as I remember so if you look for ecchi maybe this isn’t the anime you need, but check the ova “Koe de Oshigoto” that might like you jajajajajaja maybe I talk about it later.

Well this is a good anime to watch, I have to say it again it’s in my top 5 favourites animes and will keep that place for a long time, and talking about eroges, one of my friends sent me a link with the translation of an eroge woooaa, but unfortunately I can’t play it here, because:

1.- I have to study for the school… I get into a nuclear project so I’ve got a lot to read

2.- My brother uses this computer and is in high risk if I try to play it here

Well I’ll keep uploading things like this, I have a story for you if you are interested and videogames. This is it for today and please give me your opinion about the anime XD



Hello everybody XD here I´m after being sick, and yesterday I went to the movies to see Toy Story 3 for the 3° time XD

Well this time I have you something funny, this fail I found in my house and maybe you´d like it XD jajajajajajaja

Well the next week is the anime event and my friend Alexin ivited me to his gastronomic domostration. And this is a really short post because I don´t have much time XD so thanks for the visit and hope see you again.

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