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My Girlfriend is the President

ok guys this time I have for you something that might like you, the first eroge made in Japan in the English language, I mean I know that studying Japanese sounds perfect for an otaku-gamer and also speak in another language is cool, but this game gives us the opportunity to understand the complete game without a patch or a guide.


The characters are what I call the “balance” because there is a moe (Yukino Ohama) or at least I spect the moe type in her personality.

The tsundere (Irina Vladimirovna Putina) in this case I got this information due to the voice and way she speaks in the Japanese version.

Umm… I don’t know if there exist a term for the next character who is EII… or at least that’s what I know XD, but she is the one that I thing will behave like the “girl” who wants to become a real girl.

And the last one Ran Miyoshi that according to me is going to take the role of the “maid” in the game.


Ummm…. well I know that I’m not well informed but is because I have some friends that wont allow me to get into this game deeper XD actually one of my friends get mad when she knows that I’m watching ecchi stuff so this is what I got by observation and the web page here. Any question you have, fell free to ask, I have some friends that knows EVERYTHING about eroges and they are good references for me jajajajajaja.


ok see you next week maybe with a post about this February 14° ^^