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Fan Fic

Hello everybody and happy new year!!!!!

This time I bring you what I have been doing for the past 4 days and it’s my new fic. First I’ll answer what’s a fic and it is the fiction story a fan writte or draw for other fans and yes it’s made by fans for fans so it should be goo, I’ve read doujins an stuff like that, but in the brony comunity the fics are a valuable part of the fandom as it’s the art like drawings and music.

So as long as I have read fics for… I think it was 4 or 5 weeks ago and some of them are so awesome I got inspired to writte my own fic: “A decision of one” witch is about the love of Fluttershy-Pinkie Pie-Rainbow Das where the last two mares fell in love with Fluttershy and Fluttershy doesn’t know what to do. For the moment there are 3 chapters but I hope I can finish it after class season.

Right now the Fics I most like are:

Teardrops and Snowflakes by Vyreinos

Lately by Vozzlefox

Muffins and Rainbows by UK-Brony 95

Candy and Confusion by TheRealBonBon

So take a look if you are in the mood, also there are a lot of fics about a lot of topics a of course I cannot place them all here, but these are my favorites for the moment (not yet finished).

Well let’s hope you like it and have a nice day =D.


My Little Pony

Hello everypoy!!!! well as most of you know MLP FiM is one of the best shows airing now and I have to thank Alan, one of my friends that got me into the show a long ago (about 2 months ago because I remember that the first season was about to finish) and well here I’m a new and proud brony that wakes up really happy every saturday.

What is the show about?

The show starts with Twilight Sparkle who is a unicorn that makes new friends and she and her friends make friendship reports to Princess Celestia in every episode (reminds me Hamtaro) but believe me this show is awesome, the music I love the music and the songs in the show and it’s really funny.

(My favorite pony so far is Twilight but I love the mane 6)

What do I have to say after what I have seen?

Laure Faust YOU are super cool!!!!!!!!, I really have to thank you what you have done XD.

This is just a post I have to make because this show has changed my life and I love it, well see you soon and also enjoy the holydays.



Ahem… hello again XD nope, I´m not dead, but the “Alex Hurricane” visited us in the city so now I don´t have the water service but everyone is ok here XD.

I know this is my personal opinion, but I love rain and the last week we had the best rain ever XD believe me it was a river infront of my house and one of the main avenues was destroyed and now I cannot visit my friends, well I can, and also today I will have a videogames night but it´s going to take a lot of time to reach my house.

We´re going to play Blur, Halo, Mario Kart Wii, SSBB, and other games, so I will give you a story about it, and you have to know that I will win in mario kart XD jajajajajaja I´m really good in this game I got the 2 place in my university.

ok see you later and remember, a hurricane is really dangerous, but once you survive 1 night in my room you can survive in every place XD



Ahhhhh yeah XD I know I miss 2 post but this weekend I was really busy, on Fiday I went to work at the “Planetario Alfa” it was awesome and one of my friends were there Zusana she is a friend from the high school. Also on Saturday I went to work, it was supposed to be fishing but I couldn´t and that day my dad told me that we are going to go to a maraton next day during the mornig, then in the mornig oh god it was horrible I was sleepy by the time we were supposed to start.

I finished it in 36 minutes, it was 5 km… for the americans it´s about 2.5 miles I don´t want to do the conversion.

Ohhh well, tomorrow I will go to my new job, and anyway I think I won´t work there due to a problem in the university because I need their authorization but nah… it´s not a big deal I have to do another things like my research about mersenne primes or finishing K-ON jajajajajaja

ok this week I have what my friends and me call “La conve”, yeah you know… anime, manga, videogames we should call it heaven XD so during the weekend I will post something with some pictures and stories ^^ so keep looking at the website.


New help

Hello again, sorry for not to update the blog, but recently I have gone out with friends and I also don´t have a lot of time in the computer, but the next week I will post at least 3 times XD, it´s a promise.

And now I have a new unit in my team, Alexin or by his nickname xDarkzodiakx, he´s a chef… well a student but same sh#%. He will post if he wants so I don´t know if you even see a post of him XD.

In other news I tought I could post something about the E3 conference or something related to Toy Story 3 but I know there is a lot of information in the web about this kind of stuff and I really want to give you stories more than just the words we find in wikipedia, nah nah nah this is not my way to give you the information XD I usually give you my personal point of view.

ok that´s all for this week I´m sorry for not to bring you something interesting, but the exams and all that really stressed me but I´m free now


Silent Promise

Hello again, my trip to Cd. Victoria was less than a day, so I coudn’t go anywhere and now I realize that I failed most of my subjects so I started a silent promise until I approve them all, this means that I will be using a pen and paper to writte something to my friends or using hands I don’t know but is going to be stressful.


I need to do something right now, but I mean something joyful so today I go out with 2 friends Lizz and Alexin we are going to go to the movies and also the next 3 saturdays the group VocaloidMTY will join at NH to… I don’t know what are they planning but I’ll go with them and this time I will bring pictures of the cosplays if the carry them XD this time I think you will enjoy the pictures.

This is all for now…. I need to play the keyboard

see you next time

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