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Ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai

Well after…. a century XD I watch a lot of anime, played a lot of new videogames, solved a lot of problems jajajajaja but ok, in anime this one really got me, right now is in the top 5 best animes I’ve ever seen.

The story of the anime is really funny XD first you see Kousaka, who is the main character, a normal boy with a pour relationship with his sister Kirino, but all this changes because Kousaka found an eroge and was wondering from who in his family belongs the game, so he stars an experiment and during the dinner introduce the topic of anime and eroges and you can notice the nervousness in Kirino so the next he does is to say that he will go out for a while knowing that she will go look for the game and the strategy worked.

Maybe most of you will identify yourself while watching this anime, because we have to accept it… hide something like an eroge from your family is an art and another problem she has is that she has to hide everything not only from her family but from her friends because at the beginning you will notice how they reproaches the otaku stereotype and all that is hard to deal with, another thing is that she plays that kind of videogames being 15 years old, that obviously for the society is something wrong, but under her view you might have another opinion.

ok the anime (as the topic is eroges) you will find some ecchi scenes betwen Kousaka and Kirino… and another characters, but there are like 3 or 4 scenes like that as I remember so if you look for ecchi maybe this isn’t the anime you need, but check the ova “Koe de Oshigoto” that might like you jajajajajaja maybe I talk about it later.

Well this is a good anime to watch, I have to say it again it’s in my top 5 favourites animes and will keep that place for a long time, and talking about eroges, one of my friends sent me a link with the translation of an eroge woooaa, but unfortunately I can’t play it here, because:

1.- I have to study for the school… I get into a nuclear project so I’ve got a lot to read

2.- My brother uses this computer and is in high risk if I try to play it here

Well I’ll keep uploading things like this, I have a story for you if you are interested and videogames. This is it for today and please give me your opinion about the anime XD


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